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Frequently Asked Question



Does PlayBlock Network mean mining cryptocurrency on mobile phone? Will using PlayBlock  Network app drain a lot of your phone’s battery and data?

Players use mobile phones to connect to our server for logging the tokens distribution. You are not contributing the computing power of your mobile phone to the blockchains. Hence, earning Play tokens will not drain your mobile phone’s battery and data.


Does the user need to pay for any functions of PlayBlock Network?

No, the entire PlayBlock Network project is completely free of charge for users and it will always be free. PlayBlock Network will never ask for any form of payments from users. 


How much can I possibly win from PlayBlock Network?

It depends on the amount of the daily prize pool, which you can find in the app. All winners of the day will evenly split that daily prize pool. The size of the daily prize pool varies depending on the overall development of PlayBlock Network project.


How can I withdraw my prize?

Setelah Anda memenangkan hadiah dari prize pool harian, Dolar AS yang sesuai dengan denominasi U+ (stable coin PlayBlock) akan disimpan di dompet PlayBlock Anda. Anda dapat mengonversi U+ Anda ke koin lainnya (LTC, DOGE, atau BTC) dan mengirimkannya ke dompet kripto Anda atau Anda juga dapat memilih untuk mengonversi saldo U+ Anda menjadi token Play dan menyimpannya di dompet PlayBlock.


How do I earn Play tokens faster?

The larger your team, the faster you earn! Your Play earning rate will be boosted by 25% x number of active Players in your team. For example if your base earning rate is 1.6 P / hour and you have 8 active Players in your team, your total earning rate will be 1.6 + (8 x 25%)*1.6 = 4.8 P / hour, which is 200% more than your base rate! Bonus earning rate is uncapped, so let’s invite more Players to join your team with your referral code. 

Another key to earning Play tokens faster is to avoid an earning gap between each session. Switch on your app’s notification and we will remind you when your current earning session is over so that you can immediately initiate another 24-hour session without having an earning gap. 

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