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Development Roadmap

6.1 App Functionality Development

In the initial stage we will continue to review user’s feedback and optimize the functionalities of the PlayBlock Network app, such functionalities include earning Play token, referring new Players to join, drawing tickets, entering lucky draw, winning the prize pool.

6.2 KYC Open Up

In this stage we will announce the shortlisted KYC compliance company, operation logistics of KYC and  gradually release KYC slots to Players

6.3 Buildup of Wallet and More Prize Game

In this stage we will build up a wallet function so that you can store and transfer Play tokens and other mainstream coins in the PlayBlock Network app. We will also develop and publish more prize games for Players to enter with and win Play tokens. There will also be a mechanism of burning Play token from the game’s prize pool as one of our measures in sustaining the consistent growth of Play token’s values.

6.4 Token Listing

In this stage we will list Play tokens on selected exchanges and Players can trade Play tokens with other coin assets in the future.

6.5 PlayBlock Metaverse Buildup

In this stage we will continue to develop the PlayBlock Network Metaverse and create a virtual world for all of our games.

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