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Earn USDP Without Counting on Luck!

Since our launch there are already many players winning a total of USD 90,000+ rewards and most of them have cashed out already!

We are now bringing you another piece of good news. For sure you can continue trying our luck in drawing our daily prize pool or opening your loot box to stand a chance of winning USDP. In addition, we have introduced a new feature of Offerwall, where you do not have to count on luck and would win USDP by accomplishing missions stated on the offerwall.

You may enter the Offerwall in your homescreen, where you will see a list of missions started with specific rewards. Apple iPhone users can now browse a list of web missions and Android users can now browse both web missions and app missions. You can find clear instructions on what milestone to accomplish and you will be awarded with the specified USDP once the mission is done! The conversion is 1000 coins = 1 USDP. Once you have earned the USDP, you have the options of cashing out via Coinbase immediately or converting to Play tokens.

Remember the “You Win If They Win” rule still applies, this means when you have referees accomplish the missions and have won the USDP, you will get 10% of their earnings as your bonus without diluting their prize!

Let’s invite more Players to join your team. Do you prefer to win the USDP by being lucky or hardworking? Why not both?

Feel free to join our community telegram group (where you can find the links in the app’s settings page) or email for any enquiries.

Remember to download the app’s latest version at

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