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<Earn USDP with PlayFi FOR DUMMIES>

Since the launch of PlayFi, more than 1,000+ people have already withdrawn their prize, we look forward to seeing more users earning more USDP. So, we have tidied up 4 ways to earn USDP with PlayFi, hope you can have fun and make more money!

1 - Win the daily prize pool

Players can use anywhere from 1 ticket to a maximum of 20 ticket tickets upon each daily participation of the lottery. Each ticket allows Players to choose a 3-digit number from 000 to 999. Every day the system will draw a 3-digit lucky number, and the daily prize pool will be split between Players who have chosen that lucky number by their ticket.

2 - Claim our Loot Box every 60 mins

Players can randomly get the USDP balance, tickets (2 or 3 tickets) for entering the lottery, and extra earning rate (10% to 100%) for growing Play token balance from Loot Box. You can Invite more people in your team to increase your chance of claiming USDP every day!

3 - Complete tasks in the Offerwall

Offerwall has clear tasks and rewards. Players can choose the task you want, and you will get the specified USDP after completing the task. Converted to 1000 coins = 1 USDP.

4 - You Win If They Win

Be a super referrer, refer new players to join your team, when your referees have won the daily lottery or completed tasks in the Offerwall, you will also be rewarded 10% of their prizes without splitting your referee’s shares!

All of the above prizes can be withdrawn immediately through Coinbase!

Remember to download the app’s latest version at [](



Sep 23, 2022



Gildeane Vieira
Gildeane Vieira
Sep 19, 2022

Olá tudo bem, quero fazer💰

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