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<Nova: The Largest Web3 SocialFi is Going Viral!>

Sponsored Message: It's a Benefit for Our PlayBlock Members!

We are excited to introduce “Nova Network”, an invitation-only social media platform that aims to become the leading airdrop project in the realm of social media.

🔥 Referral Code: playblock
🔥 Download Now:
Why should you join Nova?

1️⃣ Click to Earn: Initiate a 24-hour earning session with a single click.

2️⃣ Refer to Earn: Boost your earnings by 25% for each active user within your referral team.

3️⃣ Create to Earn: Accumulate tokens by receiving upvotes (likes) on your content.

4️⃣ Vote to Earn: Participate in content voting to accumulate tokens.

What's more?

🎁 Unlock KYC Instantly with 20 Consecutive Logins: Only verified individuals can earn both Novas and Novas Plus tokens!

🎁 Novas Basic Token (NBT) Listed on Uniswap: The NBT price, starting at 0.01 USDT, has rapidly surged to 0.09 USDT!

Join the vibrant Nova community and ride the crest of triumph as we continue to conquer new milestones and attain remarkable growth!

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