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<Exciting Update: Convert to LTC and DOGE for Instant Cashouts!>

Updated: May 12

Android players! We are thrilled to announce that you now have more options at your fingertips. You can effortlessly convert your Play Coins to LTC and DOGE, allowing you to cash out instantly!

Here's everything you need to know about our withdrawal options:

Cryptocurrency Withdrawal:

  • LTC: The withdrawal threshold is 1 USD equivalent of coins, with no transaction fees.

  • DOGE: The withdrawal threshold is 2 USD equivalent of coins, with a transaction fee of 0.5 USD equivalent of coins.

  • BTC: The withdrawal threshold is 5 USD equivalent of coins, with a transaction fee of 2 USD equivalent of coins.

Convert Coins to USD via PayPal:

Additionally, we offer the flexibility to convert your coins to USD using PayPal, which has a withdrawal threshold of 5 USD and a 5% transaction fee.

Get ready to make the most of these incredible withdrawal options and experience the freedom to convert and cash out your hard-earned earnings!

🎮 Remember to update to the App's latest version:

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