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<Happy Halloween! Offerwall +50% Bonus>

Players, PlayFi Network is giving away Halloween gifts!

Come and complete the Offerwall task, and the reward will increase by 50%!

📍10/27 Thu. 20:00 - 11/01 Tue. 04:00 (GMT-4)

📍Extra 50% bonus waiting for you to earn!

You will be awarded extra 50% coins once the mission is done durning the event! The conversion is 1000 coins = 1 USDP. Once you have earned the USDP, you have the options of cashing out via Coinbase immediately or converting to Play tokens.

📍Get 10% bonus of your teammates’ rewards!

If you have referees accomplish the missions and have won the USDP, you will get 10% of their earnings as your bonus without diluting their prize, if both of you are active in the mining section!

Players, See you all at our Halloween event!

Remember to update to the App's latest version:

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