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Welcome to PlayFi Network!

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Dear Players

Warm welcome from PlayFi Network! We aim to be one of the world’s largest play-to-earn networks where you can 1) earn our native tokens and trade on exchange when listed 2) participate in our daily lottery, win USD balance, convert to mainstream crypto and cash out.

While you may find relevant details in our white paper, here are a few highlights that you’ll want to know.

Earn Play, Our Native Token, in Every 24 hours

Simply click the console button on your app’s main screen where you can initiate a 24-hour earning session. Your Play balance will be grown in the next 24 hours. Remember to turn on the app’s notification where we will remind you when the current session is over so that you can initiate another session without stopping to grow your Play balance.

The More Players in Your Team, The Merrier

Remember to invite your friends to join PlayFi Network by your referral code. Firstly, your Play token will grow faster by 25% x number of active players in your team. In addition, if your teammates have won our daily prize pool, you will also be entitled to 10% of their earning too.

Draw Tickets and Participate in Daily Lottery

Every 2 minutes Players can click “Draw Tickets” on your app’s home screen. Tickets will be distributed to Players by random factors. Players may get anywhere from 0 to 3 tickets upon each drawing. You’ll need at least 1 ticket to enter the lottery and 1 ticket means 1 single chance to win the prize pool. In addition to drawing tickets, there is a chance that you may draw a double up reward or triple up reward, which means you will earn 200% or 300% of the original prize money if you have won in the next game.

Try Your Luck to Win Our Daily Prize Pool

Players can use anywhere from 1 ticket to a maximum of 20 ticket tickets upon each daily participation of the lottery. Each ticket allows Players to choose a 3-digit number from 000 to 999. Every day the system will draw a 3-digit lucky number, and the daily prize pool will be split between Players who have chosen that lucky number by their ticket.

Feel free to join our community telegram group (where you can find the links in the app’s settings page) or email for any enquiries.

Happy playing & earning!

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