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<Happy New Year! Offerwall +15% Bonus>

Players, PlayFi Network is giving away 2023 New Year's gifts! Come and complete the Offerwall task, and the reward will increase by 15% from 8pm 12/30 to 10am 1/3 (GMT+8).

1 - Extra 15% bonus waiting for you to earn from You will be awarded extra 15% coins once the mission is done durning the event! The conversion is 1000 coins = 1 USDP. Once you have earned the USDP, you have the options of cashing out via Coinbase immediately or converting to Play tokens.

2 - Get 10% bonus of your teammates’ rewards! If you have referees accomplish the missions and have won the USDP, you will get 10% of their earnings as your bonus without diluting their prize, if both of you are active in the mining section!

Remember to update to the App's latest version:

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